History of the Aloha Shirt

You can't travel to Hawaii and not have an Aloha shirt. And if by chance you do go without one, you will definitely come home with one. I have always been a fan of the Hawaiian shirt. My first one was a Magnum PI replica that I bought over 20 years ago just as I was entering my Freshmen year of college. Seen below by myself in black and made famous by Tom Selleck himself, he also wore this same style in red.

Outlined Cloth Aloha Shirt in Makawao, Hawaii. The History of the Aloha Shirt
The History of the Aloha Shirt - Magnum PI, by Outlined Cloth
The History of the Aloha Shirt - Magnum PI, by Outlined Cloth

I have since updated my aloha shirt collection to include brands like Freenote Cloth. I loved their Pineapple version so much, I got them in both colors; white and the blue. Much like Selleck above, so good he got both colorways. Along with something new, I also purchased an Aloha at a vintage shop in Lahaina, HI last summer at Maui Vintage.

History of the Aloha Shirt worn by Outlined Cloth. Freenote Cloth Hawaiian shirt - https://freenotecloth.com/collections/mariner/products/hawaiian-pineapple-blue
History of the Aloha shirt worn by Outlined Cloth - Hawaiian shirt by Freenote Cloth https://freenotecloth.com/collections/mariner/products/hawaiian-pineapple-white

So now for the history of the Aloha shirt, it dates back to the 20's and 30's and much like other beginnings has a few different versions. Here is just one tale dating back to Honolulu in June of 1935. A man by the name of Musa-Shiya Shoten, was a local tailor and he ran an ad promoting the first of its kind, the "Aloha Shirt." He tried to attract the tourists that were traveling to the island to purchase ready made or made to order shirts. Like so many other fashion pieces, Hollywood helped to popularize these shirts. Dolores Miyamoto, the wife and working partner of the tailor remembers dressing some of the biggest stars of the day such as Shirley Temple and actor, John Barrymore.

Musa-Shiya Aloha Shirt Maker Honolulu

For more info on other Aloha Shirt origins, check out out Dale Hope and his love for these colorful shirts, click here.


Crawford & Denim Family

We recently shot with one of our faves, Crawford & Denim, for a fall lookbook with some fellow models, artists, and creators. Creating an all denim + dancers editorial with a focus on movement in the modern era. Crawford & Denim has a chic balance between comfort, style and function using denim as their American staple. With turquoise pieces from Hand Meets Sky and handmade gold jewelry from April May donating a portion of each purchase to aid survivors of domestic violence. Here is a glimpse of some of the amazing shots by the talented, Bonnie Holland, captured in a studio outside of Burbank, California. Where dance meets heritage and design in shades of indigo. All are welcome:



Marlene Martinez
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PRODUCT REVIEW - Freenote Cloth Natural Denim

Summer is here and it's time to lighten the weight and the color of your denim this summer. Feel free to continue to work on your 14 oz fades, but trust, you will want a break when the temperatures rise. I suggest the 12 oz selvage natural denim from Freenote Cloth.

Freenote Cloth Denim Full ootd

I have been wearing these for over a month now and I am a huge fan. Not only has the lighter weight been good as it heats up, but the wider leg makes for a roomier fit during the summer months. The fit is similar to Freenote worker chinos, baggier in the thigh with a slight taper at the ankle. I did not hem these at 33", but instead gave them two cuff rolls and good to go. Having a cuff roll gives you the ability to show off the red line selvage stripe.

As far as sizing, my recommendation is size up one from your normal Freenote denim. I normally wear a 32 and sized to a 33. So far there doesn't seem to be as much stretch as raw denim and they have kept their shape.

Don't be afraid this summer to shake up the wardrobe and add some white pants to the mix. You can wear them two ways, crisp and clean never allowing any dirt to touch them or beat them up. My goal this summer is to beat them and get them dirty. Let me know how you will wear yours this summer.


Freenote Denim Cuff
Freenote Mark Albert boots
Freenote Suede boots
Denim and boots outlined cloth

Father's Day Lessons

My father influenced my taste for being a gentleman in life, and made me the man I am today. This Father's Day, I am celebrating my dad and my future father-in-law with a glass of Elijah Craig bourbon and sharing how each is important in my life.

Growing up in Colorado, I learned many things from my dad; how to love, the importance of hard work, and fixing things around the house. OK, so the last one I am still learning, a trip to Home Depot still feels like visiting a foreign country, but I am hoping to one day learn. My dad can literally fix anything and I would like to be that handy one day, especially as I am about to start a new life and get married.

Dad Train.JPG

In less than a month, I get to marry my best friend and I vow to love my future wife, MARLENE MARTINEZ, like my dad has loved my mom for over 44 years. I remember growing up seeing how much my dad cared for my mom and I soaked that up through the years. This year Father's Day is special as I gain the wisdom and experience of my wife's, father. The life lessons my father has taught me have developed me into a man my future father-in-law is happy to welcome into their family.

Devin's Parents - John and Darleen McGovern

Devin's Parents - John and Darleen McGovern

Marlene's Parents - Marciano and Mercedes Martinez

Marlene's Parents - Marciano and Mercedes Martinez

My dad lives in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado, so many Father's Days have been spent with cards, gifts and phone calls. I celebrate my dad not just on Father's Day, but during the moments we get to see each other like Christmas and his favorite holiday, 4th of July.

Along with marriage, comes new family and I am excited to be spending this Father's Day with my future father-in-law. Sharing a good laugh and a good drink as we look forward to a new life together. ELIJAH CRAIG bourbon brings us together to celebrate our new journey and new life with his beautiful daughter.

Father's Day, Elijah Craig Bourbon

Bags and Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.

Pack a bag, load up the car up and head out of town. This is generally how Marlene and I spend our weeks. Either an adventure to Yosemite, up the central coast to Cambria or merely bouncing around Los Angeles, we live our life in bags. A new favorite bag for all occasions is the Denver Duffle from Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.

weekender bag
Buffalo Jackson Denver Duffle
buffalo jackson in Newport Beach
Marlene weekender bag
Travel duffle bag
Buffalo Jackson Denver duffle
Matias Denim and Buffalo Jackson Flannel

We always like to travel in style, so do it right out of the gate with a stylish bag like this duffle from Buffalo Jackson. I've been rocking those on all my travels for the last month. I've noticed, the great thing about a duffle bag is it serves multiple purposes. I first used it as a weekender on some recent one and two day getaway trips. Packed a pair of pants, a couple shirts like the Glenfield Flannel above, and still had enough room for another pair of boots. This bag is also great for a week-long trip somewhere warm. You can pack enough spring/summer attire to last you the whole week and still give you some room to bring back some gifts.

My favorite part is the heavy duty leather. Made from 100% cow leather, this bag feels durable and built to last. It comes with two carry handles and an over-the-shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is key as sometimes your hands are full (with coffee of course), so it's nice to sling it over your shoulder and hit the road.

So if you find yourself heading out this summer, get yourself a stylish leather bag that will last a lifetime. For more info and to check out more of their bags, head to their website.




As the beginning of summer approaches, I'm always taken back to a time as a kid in Colorado. I remember every May sitting in the classroom, the snow finally melting (literally my parents just had snow two days before ago), staring out the window longing to be out there. Anywhere out there as long as I wasn't in here.

While I stared out the window, I would plan out my spring/summer wardrobe. Short sleeves, shorts, and sunglasses. Here are a handful of my favorite pieces so far this season for you to add to your closet. Starting with a couple heavy duty wovens from Rogue Territory below that I picked up from my favorite shop in Laguna Beach, North Menswear.

Rogue Territory Striped mock twist
Rogue Territory Spring
North menswear Stan Ray
Rogue Territory Gingham