A Wearable Cause

Fashion can be more than trying to dress to impress, it can also help others. I had the opportunity to team up with a socially conscious New York based company, WOOLN. This knit hat pictured here at the Painted Ladies in San Francisco is one of their products. Now, let me tell you a little about their story.

Painted Ladies,Β San Francisco, California

Painted Ladies, San Francisco, California

WOOLN is an amazing brand of winter items hand-knit in New York by grandmothers.  Here's how it works, WOOLN provides knitters with yarn, needles and designed patterns. Each one knits at her own pace. WOOLN then collects the goods, and pays the knitter a per item fee. 

The goal of WOOLN is to help welcome retirees back into the active workforce and promote a new way of shopping, making the act of buying a socially responsible act and a more personal experience. Each WOOLN product is labelled with the knitter's name. My hat was hand made by Dilcia.

A little bit about the actual product, WOOLN sources two types of yarn: A 100% American and a very soft Alpaca yarn (they partnered with a socially responsible company which works with artisans in Bolivia and Peru). The result being an incredibly soft and very warm hat for the winter months to come.

If you would like to buy one and be a part of the social conscious movement, check out their website www.wooln-ny.com.